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A unique destination in Northern Greece with easy access. The National road, the railway, the International Airport “Macedonia”, they constitute the bigger gates of entry in our country from central and Eastern Europe. In Olympus Riviera the nature gave beauty and magic. The unique combination in Paralia Katerini of sea and mountain, they offer in the visitor variety of choices making your eve unforgettable.

The blue sea, the golden sandy beaches of Paralia Katerini, the unique natural beauties that lead to the fabulous Mt. Olympus and Pieria, the entertainment, the amusement, the Greek kitchen, the many Hotels in Paralia with modern infrastructures, the athletic installations, the cultural events, the traditional settlements, the archaeological sites and the monuments will give you unforgettable moments of vacations in the Paralia Pieria. The Greek hospitality stamps unique the dreamed landscape.

Hotels in Paralia